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If you're looking for a laptop you can take everywhere and anywhere, you're not looking for the Alienware 18. It's almost 18 inches wide, and weighs just a smidgen over 12 pounds. And that's before accounting for the weight of the power brick and finding a bag big enough to hold it. The Alienware 18 just isn't portable. But, what it lacks in portability, it makes up for in sheer power, taking the "top score in almost every one" of HotHardware's benchmarks, and Laptop Magazine found it "barely broke a sweat" on demanding games, making it "the most powerful notebook we've reviewed to date." It "earns its keep ... in the graphics and gaming arena," according to Computer Shopper, and its "stunning" display "delivers sharp, vibrant colors and crisp viewing angles." Unfortunately, all that horsepower and the display take their toll on the Alienware 18's battery life, with PC Mag calling it "short," though HotHardware noted it's "on par and just a hair above most of the other systems in the group." However, given its sheer size, you weren't going to be straying very far from an outlet in the first place. If you need a powerful gaming system the Alienware 18 delivers but, as AnandTech notes, "users who aren't interested in a 12 pound notebook need not apply."

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PC Mag Jul 12, 2013

Big, bulky, and ostentatious as heck, the Alienware 18 is the ginormous gaming laptop you want to use to show off your riches on the game grid.

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CNET Nov 1, 2013

There's a premium to be paid, but the massive Alienware 18 is a show-off-worthy desktop replacement that takes down even the newest PC games, and is just plain fun to use.

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AnandTech Sep 16, 2013

Alienware has plenty of room for improvement, but you're not going to be able to do better anywhere else. As for the rest of us, the Alienware 17 continues to be the weapon of choice.

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Computer Shopper Aug 19, 2013

Its metal accents and sleek exterior lighting are only a sample of what you get once you pop open the lid and are exposed to its myriad lighting zones and awesome 18.4-inch display, and its gaming performance is unparalleled.

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HotHardware Aug 26, 2013

The Alienware 18 is the one that you buy when money is no object and you refuse to accept anything less than everything.

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Engadget Jun 11, 2013

All told, it's a nicer design, but if you were expecting these guys to be thinner or lighter, you're going to be disappointed: the dimensions haven't really budged.

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product preview
Gizmodo Jun 11, 2013

Let’s be clear: when Alienware say that the flagship of their new gaming laptop range is the 18, they’re lying. The 18 is not a laptop. It is a leviathan, with two discrete graphics cards, 8GB of GPU RAM alone, and 4 — count ‘em, 4 — SSDs. This is insanity.

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product preview
SlashGear Jun 10, 2013

The aluminum/magnesium casings are incredibly sturdy and feel high quality, the keyboards are bounce-free and tactile, and the crisply angled designs – which sensibly put things like hot-air vents at the back, and push bulkier ports as far toward the rear as possible.

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Douglate Douglate

This notebook is exactly anything but portability . Its performance is excellent in all aspects. Very cute and comfortable the keyboard is just wonderful, you can spend hours typing without tiring. The full hd screen has good brightness and presents excelent colors. The notebook while idle...

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PWerner PWerner

This laptop plays any game that you throw at it with ease. It is a beautiful machine that oozes pure power. This computer is for those that do not want to sacrifice power and are willing to give up portability. I will admit that I have another cheap laptop to take to school with me because this...

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