September 6th 2012 2:18 pm

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by peter

Amazon's second tablet strategy
It's well-established by now that Amazon doesn't make any money from selling tablets. Instead their model is to break-even on the hardware and make money by selling access to content and services (which is partly why we described the Kindle Fire HD as being more of a "content appliance" than a proper tablet).
While it's a different approach than that of pretty much every other hardware maker, it is a relatively straightforward strategy. However I think there's an even more subtle aspect to it... Read more →

by RayZorback

Thinking about this for my girls
With the improvements of children's ebooks, I am thinking about getting this color ereader for my girls (toddlers). I don't really want them to have ALL the functionality of an iPad (or the size) and I still want them to have a "book feel" -- anyone know if you can disable purchases or games/apps web browsing? We just want this to be our "mobile library" and the HD looks too big/weird shaped. Thanks!

by marc

Why are companies still making toy tablets?
There's no question that kids love tablets. A touch interface is far more natural than using a keyboard and mouse, and the wealth of education software and games available for iOS and Android -- not to mention easy access to books and streaming media -- means that there's never a shortage of things for kids to do with a tablet. However, is there really a need for toy tablets? Manufacturers certainly seem to think so. In the past couple of days, Oregon Scientific has rolled out the MEEP, and Toys... Read more →

by jbird68

Kindle Fire 2nd Gen
I was leaning toward the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7" but it doesn't have an HDMI output to watch on my TV. Been thinking of a way to get TV other than Dish or Cable. With an HDMI output I could watch Streaming TV from the 4 major networks...although they may be a day later than scheduled broadcasts (Fox is a week later). Could probably use Netflix and Hulu also and maybe youtube. I am just wondering how this will compare to the Galaxy Tab 2.0 7". Are there any type of restrictions Amazons puts on...

by marc

Will Amazon's new Kindles catch fire?
With today's announcement of three new Kindle tablets, a backlit e-ink Kindle, and a price cut on its basic Kindle (not to mention an affordable 4G plan for its high-end tablet), Amazon has covered just about every end of the e-reader market, and most of the tablet market as well. But will it be able to compete successfully against everyone from Barnes and Noble to Samsung and Apple?
Based on Amazon's approach -- CEO Jeff Bezos made it clear today that the company's approach is to highlight... Read more →