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Detailed review
The iPad Mini is a completely new category of iOS device. It is incredibly light and thin. This makes it it much more mobile and easier to use than the 10 inch iPad, which is much heavier and thicker. While the screen is not retina, if really doesn't make a difference for me as it is the iPad 2 pixel count squeezed into a smaller 7.9 inch screen. The kids totally like the iPad Minis I purchased (white and black) over the regular iPads we have. The portability makes it much easier for them to play games and surf the internet and watch movies. I also like it because when I read at night in bed the iPad Mini is easier to hold for a long time and only requires one hand to hold.

Finally, the form factor is new and like the incredibly sleek iPhone 5. It feels much more modern than the more curved form of the iPad 3 and iPad 2.

I think this device is going to be very popular.