by day2dayg33k

Media Center?
As I might have a while back, about the cord, I finally did it. And we are not looking back. My spouse manage to rely on Netflix and Amazon VOD. That being said, we have Roku and an Apple Tv that is hacked running Boxee and Xbmc. My request is to find a simple way to simplify my media consumption, by allowing me, using one box or multiple with central streaming location that would be cross platform, that would be amazing. I had installed Plex and followed their instruction with no luck. I guess,... Read more →

by groovechicken

Any way to run Snow Leopard on the mid 2011 Mac mini?
I just ordered the Core i7 model here at work because I need to run Photoshop / Bridge / Perfect Photo Suite to pitch in on the graphics work for the Communications Department. Unfortunately, this model shipped with Lion, which I hate. Does anyone know from experience if this model will run Snow Leopard? We have a Unibody Core i5 MacBook Pro here that I could use to install Snow Leopard by way of Target Disk Mode onto the mini, but I need to know if Apple added any hardware into this that would... Read more →

by jamesus

What is the best way to mount NTFS NAS drive to OSX Lion? Should I consider reformatting the drive to HFS+?
Long time Windows user here looking to switch to Mac.
My current setup is an Windows 7 desktop. I use iTunes to manage my media, which I store on a Drobo as my NAS. I formatted the Drobo to use NTFS and have ~1.75 TB of files on the Drobo. I also use Backblaze to backup the Drobo to the cloud.
I have a new Mac Mini which I am testing out. I am having issues using MacFUSE with Tuxera NTFS for Mac (http://www.tuxera.com/products/tuxera-ntfs-for-ma... to mount the Drobo. No matter what I have read /... Read more →

by luqven

Will my MacMini be able to run Battlefield 3?
I've got a 2.5 GHz Inel Core i5 processor and 4GB of Ram. Obviously windows is installed. Is it worth it to shell out $60 for the PC version or stick to the console version? People are really hyping up the way the game runs on the PC, the ability to have more players in a match in a console, and quite simply the advantage of having a mouse. But will I be able to tell the difference between the way it runs on a console and the way it runs on my iMac with the build that I have?

by luqven

Should I return my mac mini?
I recently took the plunge an bought myself a MacMini. It's the $800 model, standard (no custom shtuff). Right away I sorely regretted not heeding Engadget's advice about the superdrive. I thought I wouldn't need it and then, as I was trying to add a partition for windows 7, I really the Benjamin I saved by not having one in there started to loose its charm. I had to "find" a 7 dmg online so i could clone it to a usb drive and then waste a perfectly good 5 gig drive installing it. Needless to... Read more →

by mattgibstein

Can you transfer files between two Macs using Thunderbolt ports and a Thunderbolt cable?
A few months ago, I bought a 15" MacBook Pro. As many of you know, it's equipped with a Thunderbolt port meaning I can utilize the technology to exchange data at an unbelievably fast rate... except that there's not a single consumer-level product on the market just yet. The professional-grade RAIDs I've seen cost upwards of a thousand bucks, not something I'm willing to splurge on any time soon. That being said, I'd love to take advantage of Intel and Apple's brainchild. Does anyone know if it's... Read more →

by skellener

Any benefits for going with the Quad Core server version of the 2011 mini?
I'd like to set up a Mac-mini as a home entertainment system. The chip speed on the regular ones is faster, but the server version has a 4 processors (and comes stock with two 500GB 7200rpm drives). I'll probably max it to 8GB RAM. Which is a better option as a media hub? It will be delivering HD video to an HDTV, streaming audio/video to other Macs and iOS devices, ripping DVDs and blurays (third-party optical drive) and occasionally recording OTA HDTV with ElGato's EyeTVOne tuner. I'd...

by 4lex

Virtual Desktops vs VNC in Lion
This sounded like a great feature but I can't get it to work. Anyone else? The screenshots the blogs show a prompt that asks if you want to share a screen or connect to a virtual desktop when trying to control another Mac. I don't get that prompt. Also, while in Screen Sharing > View, you can manually change it to Virtual Desktop but it shows a lockscreen on the server computer while the client now shows that remote server's display. That's the opposite of what I wanted. Is this a bug or am I... Read more →

by nitehawk

Worth upgrading RAM on 4 year old laptop?
I have a 4 year old Toshiba Satellite A135 that runs Vista. It's a little beat up, but otherwise works fine. The processor is Intel Core 2 Duo 1.73 GHz, 110GB HD, and I upgraded the RAM from 1GB to 2 right away when I bought it from Bestbuy in 2007. The battery life sucks and it's heavy, but these things don't bother me anymore. I graduated college in 2008 and since have used it 95% of the time as a desktop, especially since getting my iPhone. So here's the question: Would upgrading the RAM to... Read more →