June 29th 2009 3:33 am

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by jgildred

Now that Canon announced the 7D with 1080p24, does anyone think that they will soon release a firmware update for the 5DMII to add 24 fps recording?

by ttnurmi

How long will the 5DmkII battery last?
I just had my 5DmkII - finally - to replace my old 40D. One thing I started to wonder: whereas I was able to take easily more than 1000 pics, even 1200, with the 40D, even though it was almost two years old, the 5DmkII manual states that the battery would last only for some 800-850 pics. What kind of experiences do you have? I'm shooting weddings, and with 40D I didn't need an extra battery..

by GasperG

5dmark2 - dont know which one to get: 24-105 mm f4 or 24-70 mm f2.8
I am buying Canon5dmark2 but i am not sure which lens to buy. Option no.1 5d body + Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM in the box Option no. 2 5d just body + Canon EF 24-70 mm 2.8L USM I use it mostly for traveling - this summer i go to west coast of US, later this year to Mexico, Thailand. Now you know that i dont use it in the studio or for sports shots that much. :) Please help with some suggestions, maybe even some other lenses?

by GasperG

Buying a Canon DSLR
I am using a Canon Eos 300D at this point, but i am planning to buy a new one. What do you sugest. I was looking at 500d or 5dmark2 maybe. I also read some rumors about 7d(60d). I would like to stay on Canon because i already bought a few Canon L lences, which i would still like to use. I want full hd movies (i think 500d only makes 720p at 30 but i think that is ok). What do you think guys?

by dave

Shooting the Kuroshio Sea - Video of world's second largest aquarium
I'll admit, I'm a Nikon fanboy. But I'm continually impressed by the quality of video that people keep sharing from their Canon 5D Mark II's. From the Canon promo Reverie, to filming a NIN concert. It's pretty incredible how good the video looks and how SLR lenses add a whole new way to film something. Anyway, I just saw this link floating around the Internet today. It's the Canon 5D Mark II shooting the main tank of the "Kuroshio Sea," which is the second... Read more →

by reechasan

Recommendations for an external microphone
What's a decent mic I can get for shooting video? I've noticed in quiet areas, the on-board mic can pick up the IS motor noise. I'm not looking to spend too much (always relative of course =) ) for a mic since I won't be using it as much, but at least something better than the one on-board. Also, maybe some sort of bracket or adapter to the hot shoe to mount the mic?