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Dell's U2713HM is a more full-featured monitor than its younger counterpart, the S2740L, coming in at almost $300 more. But for that price hike you get an array of ports including HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI-D, as well as an integrated USB 3.0 hub -- not to mention a bumped up resolution, to 2560x1440. AnandTech finds its design to be "clean and well done," and goes on to say that the U2713HM "is very good, with the performance out of the box being extraordinary." TFTCentral agrees, stating "the screen offered excellent all round performance from its IPS panel." When it came to text and video IT Pro Portal found that "text appeared crisp and well defined, and fast motion video and gaming was clean and smooth." And while Macworld wasn't too impressed with the cheaper S2740L, they said the U2713HM was capable of "displaying accurate colors, smooth gradients, and excellent viewing angles."

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CNET Nov 8, 2012

The Dell UltraSharp U2713HM is an excellent monitor that will satisfy both the performance snob and the features diva alike.

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Macworld Oct 16, 2012

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, high-resolution 27-inch display, and if you prefer antiglare screens, the Dell U2713HM is a great choice. It excelled in our on-screen performance tests, and it offers a wide variety of connection options and a flexible design.

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PC Mag Nov 9, 2012

The Dell UltraSharp U2713HM has a lot going for it. For around $800 you get a massive 27-inch display that delivers rich IPS color, wide viewing angles, and great highlight detail. With four video inputs and four USB 3.0 ports you'll have no trouble connecting to PCs.

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AnandTech Oct 4, 2012

In the end, I think the U2713HM is a very well designed display and one that I do recommend, especially if it is available on sale from Dell. It is one of the few displays that after spending time with it I don’t have any annoyances or problems that I feel need to be fixed.

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IT Pro Portal Nov 12, 2012

Also, the monitor’s dark greyscale performance could be better, but those niggles aside, the U2713HM's overall performance and robust features mean that it deserves one of our coveted Best Buy awards.

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FlatPanelsHD Sep 13, 2012

It is no breakthrough but it offers some improvements and the lower price compared to Dell’s last U2711 makes it a very attractive monitor.

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TFT Central Aug 22, 2012

It made a lot of positive improvements and offered the kind of all round performance you'd want from any screen. Certainly a very good new addition to the Dell range.

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thejollyrancher thejollyrancher

I chose this display over the Asus PB278Q. Dell's warrantee what swayed me over to the U2713HM. The ASUS is available at NCIX for $670. On sale, I purchased from for $585CDN (regularly $799 each). If you purchase from Amazon or another vendor, you will not get the 3 year exchange...

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dmertl dmertl

I decided to finally purchase a good monitor after using cheap LCD screens for years. This was the one purchase that had more impact on my computer enjoyment than any other. Movies look amazing on it, video games look far better than I ever remember. It has a quick menu for swapping between...

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Nazar Nazar

Best screen owned so far, but it might not suite everyone. For that many you can get 2 screens of same size, but if you in to photography or have anything to do with graphic it's must have screen.

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Asmo Asmo

Amazing picture, and coming pre-tweaked from the factor is a great help for A/V newbies like me. The USB dock is pretty useful as well.

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TheRydad TheRydad

I picked up two of these from the Dell Outlet after eyeing them for a couple of years. The picture quality is fantastic and the industrial design is superb. I am driving each with a DP input from an AMD card in my Dell desktop that has dual DP outputs driving each display at the full 2560x1440...

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