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by tyankou

Setting up Fitbit Ultra on Macbook Air?
Hi everyone, I had recently gotten my mom a Fitbit Ultra for Mother's Day and we're having trouble setting it up on her Macbook Air. 1. Clicking "Next" on the personal information screen does nothing. 2. Even after that works, I am aware that it will ask her to plug the Fitbit on its base into her computer, which is a problem since it has no USB port. Is there a fix for problem 1 and a workaround for problem 2? Thanks.

by alexmuller

What is it about $100 fitness tech that makes it so hard to ship outside the US?
I asked this question jokingly on Twitter the other day, but I'm curious as to whether anybody has any real answers.
Why do neither the Fitbit or Jawbone Up ship outside the US/Canada? What is it about the technology (if it is the technology that's the problem) that makes it so difficult? All I can guess is that it's the wireless radios that might cause a holdup in international availability.
(It's worth noting that since I posted this question, the Jawbone Up has become available in Apple Stores...

by dave

Fitbit or Up?
Some of us swear by our Fitbits, while others are eagerly waiting for the Up. I know the Jawbone Up doesn't ship until next week, but if you're on the fence about purchasing a fitness / health gadget, what are you leaning toward and why?

Do you already have a Fitbit? Are you going to switch to the Up (or considering getting one and using both)?

by connorg

My Fitbit is acting very strangely. Any suggestions?
I've only had it since last Wednesday, but my Fitbit has been acting strangely. It seems to switch itself in to activity mode without me pressing anything. On Friday, for a while I noticed that when I pressed the button once it wouldn't respond, and if I pressed it a couple more times it would eventually display "Start" and go to activity mode. Pressing once more would display "Stop", even though I was only doing a short press. After doing this for a while, it reset itself (displayed "Fitbit... Read more →

by veronica

Food logging?
I'm using my Fitbit to log my activity and whatnot, but I also want to use it for logging my food intake. However, I have no idea how to enter stuff from a restaurant or take-out! Most of the food items that they have in their database are pre-packaged items.

Any suggestions for making sense of food that doesn't come in a box?

by leigh

Do you think the FitBit warranty will apply to my broken FitBit?
My FitBit broke this morning!! *sob* The back cover broke off... so the device itself still works but the cover no longer stays on without something to hold it. I wasn't doing anything unusual with it. I wear it clipped to my bra (TMI maybe but it's true!) and I was clipping it on and the back part just broke off. I have worried about this happening since I got it and try to be careful with it... :\ Did your FitBit break? In what way did it break? Were you able to get it replaced? Here is...

by timchoi89

Do you record everything on Fitbit?
I'm home for the weekend and finally got the Fitbit that I ordered last week. I've set it up and I'm curious to know how much you guys record on your Fitbit accounts. Do you guys input your food intake, water intake, heart rate, mood, etc.? Or do you just let it count your steps and calories? If you input your meals, how do you determine how many calories you took in from homecooked meals?

by cwburke

Can't get it to register
I'm running 10.6.2 in 32-bit mode but cannot get the Fitbit to register in the docking cradle. Plugged in directly to my MacBook Pro (not through an adapter or USB hub). Anyone else have similar problems and have discovered a fix? Support emails to fibit have been unreturned.

by ryan

Kernel panics / hard locks in OS X when unplugging Fitbit dock
I (used to) keep my Fitbit dock plugged into my Dell monitor, which I then plugged into my MacBook Pro via USB, turns out that's not such a good idea. Turns out unplugging the Fitbit dock is causing some major issues in Mac OS X. One thing I discovered was that when removing the dock and closing up my MBP, the machine would appear to sleep but would actually be on and hard locked, and would just keep running in my bag. This happened at least three times -- I'm actually grateful there... Read more →