October 2nd 2013 8:31 am

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  • Durability The way the band "snaps" closed is somewhat poor design for fit/comfort and resilience. Multiple times it popped open and fallen off...thankfully never lost. good
  • Portability Easy to wear 24/7 and simply charge during a shower or some down time. Even comfortable for sleep. great!
  • Ease of use One button is all it takes! great!
  • Design and form factor Comfortable for 24/7 wear despite not having the best closure design. Sizing could be a little better, but is better than many other tools. good
Detailed review
Admittedly, I'm a numbers nerd and crave data (hence, the Fitbit purchase). However, I'm disappointed by the lack of science behind the data that Fitbit produces. I understand it's meant to be a fancy pedometer, not a heart rate monitor, but I suppose I wanted...more...

That being said, the Fitbit has made a significant improvement in my overall fitness simply by making me want to move more. Science or not, Fitbit inspires movement and movement is good.

I've had heart rate monitors, which are neither comfortable or practical, and arm bands which are even less comfortable and practical. The Fitbit is both comfortable and practical. To my previous comments - if I want scientific data on a run, I can wear my Garmin & heart rate monitor. But for everyday usage, tracking, monitoring, and inspiration Fitbit is just right.

To me, I think the best features are the tie in with MyFitnessPal, the visually appealing dashboard (both on Fitbit & MyFitnessPal), and the ability to overwrite data when you add your own activity since everything is well tied to actual time.