October 2nd 2011 6:42 pm

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  • Durability The clip worries me. Seems good after 2 weeks but I don't really clip it on things. good
  • Portability I carry it around everywhere. great!
  • Ease of use The device, website and iOS application are easy to use. Possibly a bit of a pain if you have to add a new food product in the DB, but even doing that is easy. great!
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
Detailed review
A FitBit and a little OCD can go a long way

I'm the type of person that typically says "I'm tired just listening to you" when people talk about exercising or running a marathon or such. I've just never had the desire for exercise. So when the time came that I wanted / needed to start getting into better shape I turned to my geekness and started looking for something to help. That lead me to the FitBit Ultra. With the ease of use I had it active and syncing in no time. The first couple of days was getting a baseline of my current activity and tracking what I eat. Within a few days the I got the touch of OCD. I was looking at the FitBit frequently to get a status of my activity. Pushing myself for more. More steps, stairs and goals. I would think things like, "I only had 7k steps yesterday, I need to make up some today." Same with food tracking. Finally understanding how many calories I was eating and evaluating what I really 'wanted' to eat was a huge step for me. The OCD and the FitBit allowed me to lose 10 lbs. in 2 weeks. Actually I need to wrap up this review so I can go for a quick walk and get some more steps counted. :-)

The only negatives I've seen after 2 weeks is that the 'clip' design and the wristband. The issue with the clip is that it really isn't. It feels too tight to be clipped on to any clothing. I read a lot of reviews of the original about cracking along the clip area and that it was improved with the Ultra but it still feels too tight. There is a clip included for thicker belts but I don't wear this out in the open like that. So it's usually in a pocket.

The wristband used for sleeping is comfortable enough but getting the FitBit into the slot is a pain. It might just be a 'man hand' issue. Or I'm just not coordinated enough but I fight a little with it every night.

The FitBit is a device that I highly recommend.