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While it may not be a bargain at around $160, it's a very solid headphone, particularly for mobile users looking for a model that's sturdy yet not too bulky. quote

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CNET Apr 25, 2013

As I said earlier, I may not be a huge fan of on-ear models, but I'm a fan of the Jabra Revo. While it may not be a bargain at around $160, it's a very solid headphone, particularly for mobile users looking for a model that's sturdy yet not too bulky.

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Laptop Magazine Apr 1, 2013

However, while the Revos deliver loud and rich audio, tracks can get bogged down in base. Audiophiles that want crisper, cleaner audio will want to get an earful of the $399 Parrot Ziks. However, for $249, the Revos are an excellent choice for wireless music lovers on a midrange budget.

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PC Mag May 6, 2013

The Jabra Revo does not distort, doesn't malfunction in the slightest, has an inline remote and mic, and it has tremendous power, but it's missing the higher register definition that helps music sound like music.

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Daily Mail Apr 12, 2013

Topped off with a remarkable 240-hour battery life in standby and 12 hours of wireless output between charges, and these headphones become pretty irresistible.

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ChipChick Apr 14, 2013

Not only have they developed a pair of headphones that is true contender in a way too crowded headphone market, but they have also thought outside the box by developing an app that will compliment and enhance your audio experience.

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T3 Mar 27, 2013

We were thoroughly impressed by the battery life and the enhancing quality of Dolby Digital Plus which makes up for the lack of noise cancelling. Overall though, these are an excellent all round pair of headphones and at a fraction of the price of the Ziks, they're well worth the investment.

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TrustedReviews Mar 29, 2013

The Jabra Revo Wireless headphones are made with commuters in mind, offering great sound quality, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and solid build quality.

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Let's Talk Tech Oct 29, 2013

They’re comfortable for all day use, strong & flexible enough to be ideal for regular commuting and more importantly than anything else – they sound absolutely amazing no matter what you throw at them.

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CNET Apr 12, 2013

The headband is wide, comfortable, and extremely sturdy. I was able to bend it, making the headphones lie flat without breaking them. It can easily flex in any direction which should help them put up with a hard life bumping around in a backpack.

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product preview
Gizmodo Jan 7, 2013

The earphone touch control might strike you as something of a gimmick, but it's definitely a cool one, and even aside from that, the sound quality isn't lacking.

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dvashawn dvashawn

The design and sound quality are great, comfort for some may be an issue. So try before you buy if you can. Besides sound quality (there really is barely any BT hiss) it's the little details like voice prompt and ability to use them in BT or wired mode while charging that really put these...

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steenbag steenbag

I'd never bought an 'expensive' pair of headphones before these. Beats are just over-priced, over-hyped, and stupid looking, and Bose are just plain over priced. I found these on Amazon pretty reasonably on sale. I've loved these headphones from the start. The sound quality is better than by...

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