June 24th 2009 12:25 pm

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PC Mag Sep 22, 2009

At $79.95 it's not overpriced, especially with a high end Blue Track mouse included in the package.

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CNET Aug 20, 2009

You're really buying the package for the keyboard and not for the mouse, since aside from the BlueTrack, it has the same exactly functionality of Microsoft's Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, only slightly larger.

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PC Advisor Mar 25, 2011

The large, rounded mouse is more a matter of personal taste (some will prefer a flatter shape) but still oozes quality. And everything works flawlessly.

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Pocket-Lint Aug 6, 2009

The Wireless Mouse 5000 is available in far cheaper bundles and we’d really want a more ergonomic mouse in a package like this.

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TrustedReviews Jul 25, 2009

For south-paws and those who mouse on unusual surfaces it's a bargain, but thanks to a few ergonomic failings everyone else might wish to check out other mice first.

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lsyoung lsyoung

The only way to describe this mouse: The latest and greatest technology wrapped in a dollar-store shell. If you want really want a wireless mouse, choose to spend a little more for solidly-built offering from Microsoft or Logitech. I tried to move to this mouse from a cheap MX310 and it felt...

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purfikt purfikt

Love this mouse. It feels really nice in the hand and tracks very well. More of a desktop mouse, not very portable.

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TScube TScube

The Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 is a good mid range mouse for those who need to use it for general purpose stuff. It's far from perfect and completely uncustomizable, but the comfort, accuracy, and price of the mouse more than make up for it.

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rususeruru rususeruru

This was bundled with the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 as part of the Desktop 3000 package. The mouse is well built and was the primary reason for purchase. The mouse replaced a bluetooth optical mouse which had trouble tracking correctly. So far this Microsoft mouse has performed...

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WareWolf801 WareWolf801

I just did a complete review of this mouse on my blog: http://todd.ttwebsupport.com I love it, would buy another. Is far superior to the Logitech LX9. Uses batteries much more slowly than the LX9 also.

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