October 27th 2009 8:30 am

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The Roku HD does exactly what it claims, and it does it well. It streams Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, MLB, Pandora, TWiT.tv, Revision3, and a couple of other online media outlets. It does this all very well. It sports an HDMI out and built in 802.11b/g.

It works great and I have no complaints. The included remote is small but useful and fairly intuitive. There does not appear to be a power button or option anywhere, so I assume it is meant to be left on all the time. It does have a screen saver mode.

It would be nice for it to have some more Boxee like features such as local network streaming and access to more content such as Hulu or Fancast. If they added these features it would really be the box to beat.

The Roku is great if you are on a budget or only want to watch Netflix and Amazon On Demand. I would buy it again, I only wish it had more content access.