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Sony's latest PlayStation takes the previous model and shrinks it into an even smaller case, with a top-loading Blu-ray drive and a maximum storage capacity of 500GB. Otherwise, it's the same console, with no new features added, and no old functions dropped. However, it's priced higher than the earlier model, is only available as part of a series of game-specific bundles, and Sony appears to have made some hardware compromises, such as the manually controlled lid on the Blu-ray drive. If you already have a PS3, there's no reason to buy the new one, and if you're new to the platform, you may be able to save some money by picking up the earlier model, which remains a gdgt Must-have console.

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Engadget Oct 8, 2012

You're better off picking up the older, less expensive, more attractive PS3 Slim. And that's without mentioning awkward design choices like a top-loading disc tray, or the return to glossy black plastic that holds fingerprints and dust so dear to its heart. ... we can't suggest the Superslim.

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CNET Sep 19, 2012

The latest PS3 slims down to its smallest size ever while retaining everything we like -- and a few things we don't -- about the PlayStation 3 gaming console.

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PC Mag Nov 8, 2012

The new Sony PlayStation 3 packs the same excellent gaming and media features and almost double the storage capacity into an even smaller case.

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Time Oct 1, 2012

If you’re a newcomer eyeing one of these, or the $300, 500 GB model with Assassin’s Creed III due at the end of October, it’s not that they’re a bad deal, it’s that I’m pretty sure Sony could have come up with a much better one, especially this late in the PS3′s lifecycle.

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TechRadar Sep 28, 2012

We can only recommend it warmly to those who don't already have an older model. It's not quite the price drop many were expecting, but it's still a fantastic package for the money.

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T3 Oct 15, 2012

The Super Slim it seems is Sony’s way of signing off the current console in the hope that it can shift a few more units before the rumoured PS4 arrives, but there's simply not enough to convince us that the third PS3 console is a more attractive purchase than the PS3 Slim.

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CVG Sep 24, 2012

It's a little smaller, a little quieter, a little cheaper-looking and has a little more storage. If only it was a little more cheaper.

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Stuff Oct 10, 2012

It’s a shame there are a couple of little flaws, but the PS3 remains a supreme all-purpose console and it’s now slimmer and lighter than ever.

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chris201 chris201

This review is written by someone who did not have a PlayStation 3 before. I received the superslim edition as a gift, and after six months, I still love this little guy. The games are fantastic, the graphics are great, and the DualShock/Sixaxis controller is tops. Compared to its main...

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