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  • Game library It had all the games I thought were great, and discovered some that were awesome I didn't even know existed. Not a huge library, but big enough for me. great!
  • Graphics Sometimes I forget I was playing on a portable when I would look at the in game graphics. great!
  • Battery life It never lasted as long as I had hoped. I needed it constantly plugged in, which was a problem as I never did learn to keep it charged at all times. so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) It fit in my pocket which made it awesome to take with me everywhere. great!
  • Durability It felt solid for the most part, until you slid the screen up and then it felt a little flimsy. Not too shabby though, it was a great product. good
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Overall, my experience with the PSP Go was positive. I would have kept it if circumstances were different, but otherwise, a great gaming platform with a library of games all at my fingertips without having to carry around UMDs. Being able to play old PS1 games was a blast, and the minis were okay too. It carried my music, and movies, and my games, so it was an all in one device. I'd recommend it to anyone.