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84 July 8th 2014 1:49 pm

4K sets might be expensive and 4K content is still scarce, but if you're an early adopter with money to burn you'll be well served by Sony's X900B series, delivering great looking UHDTV with the sound to match.

No one will be complimenting the X900 series for its slim bezel, thanks to its "massive front-facing speakers" that CNET says "define this hulking TV" and "don't give a damn." But CNET also enjoyed the X900's "other luxury touches," like its "glossy black" veneer and the way "the screen blends seamlessly into the edges where the speakers are mounted." Even as the speakers compromise the X900's ability to look understated, the sound is anything but. What Hi-Fi calls the quality "rich, open and detailed," and CNET says it offers "better sound than any TV we've ever tested."

Of course, all that great sound in a 4K TV is nothing without a great picture, and HDTVTest says that with the X900's "deep blacks by LED LCD standards, accurate colours and linear circa-2.4 gamma," the picture looks "spectacular" and CNET finds that it has the "best picture quality of any 4K TV we've tested so far." If you want great sound to go with your great picture and have the money to spend, you won't be disappointed with the X900 -- just make sure you actually have 4K content to watch on it.

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CNET Jun 24, 2014

If you can stand its speakers, Sony's XBR-X900B will reward you with the best combination of audio and video quality you've ever seen (or heard).

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PC Mag Jul 16, 2014

With a robust built-in sound system, the Sony XBR-65X900B is one of the best 4K HDTVs you can buy right now, but until 4K content becomes widely available, it's not worth the high cost.

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TrustedReviews May 5, 2014

Sony has set a new and very exciting benchmark for 4K TVs. If you have the money to buy a 'high-end' TV this year, it has be to be on your list... probably at the top of it.

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What Hi-Fi May 19, 2014

This set is still a stunner when you watch 4K content, though – if you can find it. If you’re determined to have the latest TV tech and want to be an early 4K adopter, this Sony KD-65X9005B is a good place to start.

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HDTVTest May 12, 2014

The Sony KD-55X9005B is a seriously talented performer which handles every type of mainstream content you throw at it with aplomb, be it Blu-ray movies, live sports broadcast or video games.

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