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The TP-Link TL-WR1043ND isn't the beefiest, highest performance router on the block (nor will you be able to remember its name). But it is the best, cheapest 802.11n device we could find that is capable of running DD-WRT -- the best, most rock-solid Linux-based router firmware. We can't recommend DD-WRT enough, as it turns any compatible consumer router into a nearly bulletproof networking machine. If you don't want to go to the trouble of flashing your router's firmware, the TL-WR1043ND still isn't too shabby for its price, but we'd really recommend you step up the ASUS RT-N56U.

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ryc ryc

I bought the router based on the reviews from this website and I was disappointed. Experienced WAN port bug with stock firmware so I flashed to DD-WRT. The wifi signal using the DD-WRT firmware would drop after a few hours of use and I wasn't able to use VPN. This is not a must have router.

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peckrob peckrob

I bought this little router to experiment with using DD-WRT. I liked it so much that within a day I had replaced the ol' trusty WRT-54G that had been in my closet for 4 years. I saw a measurable speed bump of about 7mb/sec throughput in download speeds immediately. Along with all the DD-WRT...

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Laseru Laseru

I was thinking that because I am a light user I will have no problems with the cheap router from TP-LINK. Unfortunately you get what you pay for. The main issue is that wifi is lost after one or many days sometimes even a few times a day. I use a wifi adapter from TP-Link so I think there is no...

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madbrainiac madbrainiac

Worth every penny. Cost effective solution with grand range of features and superb management software. With the latest firmware you really get everything you could want. Sharing features, management of USB drives, FTP capability and a whole host of features. And its DD-WRT compatible. What more...

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AmigaBob AmigaBob

Full featured, inexpensive, gigabit/'N' router. When my old wi-fi router died I wanted to upgrade to gigabit and wireless-N speeds, but they were all quite expensive. I then found this little guy for only $AU65, about half the price of the other routers I was looking at. I checked a...

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Phoenixxl Phoenixxl

nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BATMAAAN I have 6 of these making a Batman mesh. They all have openwrt + batman + tinc installed. 1 port at the back makes a separate network from the 4 other ports which connect my tv set top boxes. The 4 regular ports are connected to my main home lan....

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ryan10ad ryan10ad

Bought this as a replacement to my DLink DIR-635 that died after 5 years use. Good reviews on Amazon and a good score here swayed me to go for the TP-Link. After setting it up basic setup web page, I was impressed for the first couple of days. Upnp works (great with portmap for mac), and there...

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