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Vizio's 5.1 wireless sound bar manages to keep your living room wire-free without sacrificing too much audio performance. While critics enjoyed Vizio's wireless approach for the rear speakers, CNET noted there was an issue with the soundbar's height, saying "the S4251w-B4 might block your TV's remote sensor." When watching movies, Home Theater Review thinks the S4251w-B4 "did a very good job of immersing you in the action," while About says it provides "a very good surround sound listening experience." In spite of providing a good audio experience, PC Mag had an issue when listening to music, finding it "puts plenty of oomph behind its audio, but it isn't particularly crisp or warm."

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CNET May 14, 2013

Vizio's S4251w-B4 sports rear speakers for unparalleled home theater sonics from a sound bar, although it has some quirks.

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PC Mag May 15, 2013

The Vizio S4251W-B4 soundbar offers full surround sound thanks to its wireless subwoofer and satellites, but its sound quality isn't quite up to snuff.

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Home Theater Review May 20, 2013

Vizio's S4251w-B4 is one heck of a deal for someone on a budget who wants the best surround experience for the buck in a convenient package and doesn't mind the minor hassle of running wires from the subwoofer to the surround speakers.

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About May 23, 2013

Overall, the combination of the sound bar, surround speakers, and wireless subwoofer provided a very good listing experience for both movies and music.

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cjtylr cjtylr

I received this soundbar/speaker system for Christmas and finally feel qualified to review it. Setup is dead simple. I plugged the soundbar into the wall, the optical audio into my TV, and the satellite speakers into the subwoofer. Everything just worked the first time. Sound immediately came...

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