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The White House has been drumming up momentum for tighter internet privacy laws for a while now, and today it's furthering that online safety agenda with a new initiative for combating botnets. Washington just announced a pilot program for fighting viruses, citing a whopping five million PCs infec...

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May 30, 2012 at 10:51PM
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When we heard that Microsoft was appealing to a higher power to shut down the Waledac botnet, we assumed that meant lighting candles at St. Francis Parish -- instead, the company went to the courts. At its prime, Waledac was estimated to have infected upwards of 90,000 machines, which in turn sent ...

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It appears that some wireless customers in Pakistan were recently worried that they may die due to a virus transmitted via their phones. What did they do in response? For starters, the authorities were inundated with concerned Pakistani phone owners and even some Karachi-area mosques made public ann...

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