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For all the convenience digital games sales have brought us, they've come at the cost of the return policy. Buy a downloadable title you don't like? Tough noogies, kid - no take-backs. Well, unless you bought from Good Old Games. To help stem customer concern that a given title might not run on th...

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December 9, 2013 at 6:15PM
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Using a Wii version of the open source DOS emulator DOSbox, a Wii homebrew devotee has managed to get Windows 95 running on the console -- if your definition of "running" is "working, but just barely." In fact, the boot process spans most of two YouTube videos, which the author admits have been ed...

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After id Software released their catalog on Steam, some gamers on the forums noticed a missing General Public License for DOSBox, an emulator used for playing older titles. Not including a GPL, which is a text file legally required to be included with the game to give due credit, viol...

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