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What happens to your online life after you've passed away? Unless you've left your passwords in the will, those Facebook and Twitter profiles will linger on for years to come. If you'd prefer your digital life to be as neatly tidied up as your real one, then Yahoo Japan is offering the solution. T

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July 15, 2014 at 12:10PM
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For those who haven't kept track, Facebook has had a years-long history of only maybe-sort-of-more-or-less purging our photos: they could be removed from a profile, but they would sometimes float around the site's content delivery networks for months or years, just waiting for a prospective employ

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We'll admit, it does seem a bit unnecessary to purchase an external hard drive that reserves its space for your deleted files, but if it looks this good, we can't help but be awed. Designed by Franco Cagnina, the Tempo concept is a 250GB hard drive that somehow resides in a trash can-shaped enclosu

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