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Several Apple watchers are suggesting that the company's next product will be a wearable. When it was revealed a few months ago that a group of senior Apple executives -- including Bud Tribble and Jeff Williams -- had met with FDA officials in December 2013, their beliefs were reinforced further. ...

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June 11, 2014 at 10:00AM
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For diabetics, checking blood glucose levels is literally a pain. Current blood glucose meters require a prick of the finger to get a small blood sample that is then put onto a small paper strip, inserted into the meter, and analyzed. The strips are a recurring cost to diabetics, and the constant ...

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There's certainly no shortage of efforts out there to make glucose monitoring a bit easier for diabetics, but Freedom Meditech is now claiming to have developed one of the least invasive to date and, what's more, it says it's actually gearing up to start some clinical trials. That latter bit is appa...

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