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An unassuming, Mormon family man. A brilliant physics and engineering student with a goofy smile. Five years ago, neither of these men knew each other, let alone suspected that they'd be drawn into a web suffused with libertarian dogma, hard drugs and the sort of rhetorical dedication that alleged...

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May 22, 2015 at 1:34PM
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When the FBI seized Silk Road and the assets of its founder, it inadvertently became the owner of one of the world's largest Bitcoin hoards. Just six months later, the US has decided that it wants to sell the smaller, Silk Road-owned portion of the stash, made up of 30,000 BTC worth around $18 mil...

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If we're honest, asset seizures are inherently hilarious. After all, for every sports car that's flogged to boost the public purse, there must be an unsaleable giant mechanical heron just gathering dust in a federal warehouse. After shutting down Silk Road, the US has now gained a slightly more us...

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