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Ahoy there, Astral ship captains! Is your ship looking a little dull? Perhaps you'd like to go all Queer Eye on your captain's quarters. Well, now's your chance. Allods Online's patch 2.0.06 is en route to players, and it brings Astral ship owners the ability to customize the interiors of their...

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September 16, 2011 at 10:00PM
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Allods Online is a fantastic game in a lot of ways. Despite what many Massively readers might have read about the game or about the cash-shop issues that seemed to plague it since almost the beginning, the main issues were never really addressed. To me, the most shocking thing about the game's re...

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Today marks the start of something very special for fans and players of Allods Online: Closed Beta Test 4. This stage of beta brings a raised level cap to 40, seven new contested zones, new instances, raids, Goblinball and Astral Ships. This all begins today at 11am PDT and runs until February 3, 2...

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