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Joystiq will not grow to be much older than ten years. That's a massive expenditure of time, if only to receive an unfinished creation in return. I, and my best friends in the world, leave Joystiq unfinished. We leave it as it was always going to be....

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February 3, 2015 at 3:30PM
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Sometimes you're just not into it, you know? That said, I always feel a mite guilty when I cancel a sub for one of my favorite MMOs. Yes, I know, subs are a rarity these days, but I nearly always spring for the "premium" membership tier on games that have gone free-to-play, both for the goodie...

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I've recently been pondering if, and when, I should retire from raiding. Playing with 24 other people to accomplish a common goal is a wonderful thing. The teamwork and exhilaration from downing a boss for the first time is something that's hard to put into words – it's fun, challenging, frust...

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