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Call forwarding when you're abroad isn't the most exciting of tech topics, but it is one that's likely to save you a bundle on the road. Roamer is a new iOS and Android app that forwards your regular number onto a local SIM card, ensuring that you'll pay native rates even when calling your loved o...

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July 5, 2013 at 4:00AM
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Is the cell coverage in your area not up to par? Whether you happen to have steel walls or live where there are no cell phone towers or trees cleverly disguised as cell phone towers, some of us must deal with the reality that, while we own arguably the most innovative gadget in recent years in the i...

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Routing calls every which way has been going on forever (well, almost), and Hip-IP's Mobigater Pro doesn't differ a whole lot from other Skype-to-cellphone channelers that we've seen in the past. Essentially, the device seamlessly "transfers your Skype calls to your mobile phone without the use of...

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