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Researchers have figured out a way to make your Prius even more efficient by tracking your route to work. Right now your car uses the battery until its power runs out and then starts dipping into your gasoline supply. It's a solution that works, but isn't the best use of power. Viktor Larsson from...

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May 19, 2014 at 5:19PM
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Apparently a $34,000 price tag isn't exclusive enough for you to nab one of the first 100 Think City electric vehicles -- fancy that! The aforementioned sticker is meant only for normal retail versions of the green-machine, a version that just so happens to not truly exist in any meaningful form. T...

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Every electric bike we've seen, and we've seen quite a few, relies on motors that are either attached to the wheels or somehow integrated in to the chain drive. Efficient, perhaps, but not exactly trivial to retrofit onto an existing cycle. Stephen Britt's Fast Forward pedals take a rather more inge...

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