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EVE Online players have been quite vocal in their disdain for CCP's recent focus on cash shop items, Aurum, and promotions like EVE is Real. The conventional wisdom in some quarters is that the devs are neglecting to work on things that made the sandbox game great and are instead branching off in...

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August 3, 2011 at 1:00PM
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Massively has pointed out a few highlights of what the Apocrypha 1.2 patch brings to EVE Online, but today's dev blog from CCP Greyscale explains the big changes they've made to the overview. The overview is an essential aspect of the UI which allows players to better understand what's happening ar...

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CCP Games is bringing back live dev blogs for EVE Online, this week's will deal with speed balancing. Developers Greyscale and Fendahl will be on-hand this Wednesday, October 8th at 20:00 GMT to address player questions about these changes. The dev blog will last roughly an hour, and will take place...

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