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At this point, the HTC Incredible should seem like pretty familiar territory to our readers. We first caught wind of the device in a ROM leak back in December of 2009, and shortly thereafter saw lots of little snippets on the phone that made it clear it was headed our way. Of course, it's a potent ...

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April 19, 2010 at 12:28AM
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For common Hulk collectors, performing "plastic surgery" on one of your favorite figurines may not sound reasonable, but then again, not too many of 'em have tried to make a 13-inch poseable monster lug around a PC. Enter the Hulk PC mod, which ranks up there pretty high among the most astounding ...

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Sega, I love ya and I hate ya. Nights on the Wii? Come on, the SIXAXIS would work too -- look at flOw. Also, why no traditional Phantasy Star? Why are you pooing all over the Sonic franchise? At least you're not cutting any corners on the Virtua Fighter 5 front. SEGA, you seem to cater to the fighti...

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