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I'm going to share with you a deep secret about the Massively staff: Pretty much all of us hate Larry. Oh, as a person he's likable enough, and he showers regularly, so no complaints there. He even saved the President's dog once and earned the Merit of Patriotic Pooches. Women swoon at his feet, ...

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April 7, 2011 at 12:00PM
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Looking for a fun, fast way to get around? Well, if you were to offer us a wicked-looking rocket-powered jet ski -- especially one like this with the head of a shark emblazoned across the front -- we certainly wouldn't turn it down. It certainly seems like it would be fun to zoom through World of W...

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We're assuming that when LucasArts says that Star Wars: The Old Republic is ripe for action figures, they mean statues. You know, the kind of fine art that geeks 'round the world display in fine china cabinets and such. Oh who are we kidding? Everyone just wants a bust of HK-47 to put on their des...

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