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During today's Nintendo Press Conference the company teased several upcoming 3DS titles, most of them we were aware of (like Mario Kart and Kid Icarus), but Luigi's Mansion being teased was a surprise. There are currently no further details. Update: Luigi's Mansion 2 officially announced. Ther...

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June 7, 2011 at 12:34PM
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We'll have to file this one under the "Games That We Wish Existed" category, as the screen you see above is little more than a pixelart mash-up of Luigi's Mansion and the Castlevania series. Masterfully created by Shane Gill for his PixelJoint page (and spotted by the folks at Tiny Cartridge), the ...

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Being a devotee of Nintendo in a PAL region is probably a bit like marriage (I'd urge you to stick with me here, because I've thought this analogy through for at least four minutes). For years, you slog away at the relationship, mildly irritated by the other person's foibles and imperfections, li...

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