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MonkeyPaw Games returns today with more PSOne imports, including a second Dezaemon shooter-creation utility! Available today for $6, Dezaemon Kids further simplifies the creation interface for scrolling shooters, and -- oh yeah -- throws in over 100 sample games. It's a good thing the interface i...

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November 1, 2011 at 5:20PM
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Few things in the game industry make me happier than over-the-top dedication to a random classic franchise. Another thing that makes me happy: Magical Drop games. So when I rolled up to Ignition Entertainment and saw a new Magical Drop game, I was pleased. And then I played it, and that "pleased"...

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Nintendo has announced a bunch of new DSiWare games headed for Japan next week. Most notable among them is a stripped-down battle game based on Intelligent Systems' Kousoku Battle Card Hero. Card Hero Speed Battle Custom includes one-on-one card battling against CPU, local wireless, and online oppon...

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