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See that? That just might be the cheaper iPhone that Apple's rumored to formally unveil on Tuesday. Gizmodo Brazil managed to get a hold of a purported iPhone 4s from within a Brazilian Foxconn factory, and while the hardware itself looks just about identical to the iPhone 4 that exists today, th

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October 2, 2011 at 12:37AM
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Wait up just a second, let us get this straight: after years of teasing Americans with 3G smartphone after sweet 3G smartphone -- none of which packed even a lick of compatibility on US bands -- Nokia's going to rock its newest undisputed king of the hill, the E90, with every band we could possibl

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With everything from 30 second sound clips to SMS messages stacking cost onto your bill, Nokia has gone against the grain by releasing software for their N72 (which supposedly also works for the N70 and N90) that allows users to immediately upload photos they take to Flickr. Sparse options include t

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