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It's probably fair to say that the Sony we once knew and loved is going away as the mega-corporation tries to reinvent itself. Part of that strategy is to go all-in on PlayStation, and another, it seems, is just to get members of the public to do its product testing for it. The company hid its nam

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December 12, 2014 at 9:11AM
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There are goofy product names, and then there's Okidokeys, a moniker that achieves new levels of silliness. All said, however, the company seems to take its line of smart locks pretty seriously. Its parent company, OpenWays Group, already provides smartphone-based door lock solutions to hotels. Th

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Burglars of the future beware: the age of the smart lock is coming. There's no shortage of entries into the space these days -- in fact, it was just under a week ago that we spotted the lovely Yves Behar-designed August lock. Goji's (whoever heard of a company named after a fruit?) got a pretty ni

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