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Scientists have long surmised that inorganic life is possible. New York University hasn't created any at this stage, but it just produced an uncannily close imitation through a recent experiment. When exposing hematite particles (iron and oxygen in a polymer) to specific wavelengths of blue light,...

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February 1, 2013 at 1:29AM
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Remember those awesome pin art toys where you could press your hand (or face) into the pins to leaving a lasting impression? Researchers at MIT have taken the idea one (or two) steps further with "GelSight," a hunk of synthetic rubber that creates a detailed computer visualized image of whatever ...

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Researchers at BAE Systems' Advanced Technology Centre in Bristol seem to have take a cue from Q's play book, developing a new synthetic material that could be used to create special wall-climbing suits for soldiers and spies. The material is designed to mimic a gecko's foot, which is covered with h...

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