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How's this for Shark Week? At a recent event, one of Google's product managers revealed just how far the outfit goes to protect its subaquatic infrastructure. Word is that Mountain View's shiny new internet pipeline crossing the Pacific is going to need a Kevlar cover to keep it safe from the jaws...

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August 15, 2014 at 5:38AM
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Turns out the United Arab Emirates took two ships into custody on February 19th after those infamous cable cuttings. Wayward anchors are suspected to be at fault, and the Korean company responsible for one of the vessels just agreed to fork over 60 grand in damages in exchange for the release of its...

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For the fourth time in a week, an undersea communications cable has apparently been cut (or "failed due to a power outage," as some sources suggest), and while no official reports of subversion have surfaced just yet, things are beginning to get suspicious. Flag Telecom, a subsidiary of Indian congl...

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