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What's that, an alien egg? Nope. Memory foam iPillow? No, silly, it's a Zeppelin, a Zeppelin Air more specifically. Bowers & Wilkins brought us the first iPod-centric Zeppelin in the middle of the great iPod dock flood of '07. A few years later they downsized and brought us a mini versio...

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May 5, 2011 at 12:00PM
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For those craving just a little more bass -- or, let's face it, bragging rights -- than afforded by the 10-inch ASW 10 CM subwoofer, Bowers and Wilkins has gone ahead and added the ASW 12 CM. Guess what? It's a 12-inch model. Going along with the B&W calling card of a cone with Kevlar, the ASW ...

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