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1,000 is the magic number for player capacity


A survey conducted by JupiterResearch concluded that the ideal capacity for a digital music player is of storing 1,000 songs.

Ninety percent of consumers have no more than 1,000 songs on their PCs. And 77 percent responded to be interested in players with a capacity of 1,000 songs.

The 4GB hard drive included in Apple Computer’s iPod Mini, and in MP3 players from some Apple rivals, holds roughly that number of songs. ”Hard drive players with such large capacity for content go above and beyond not only the music that most consumers want on their portable music player, but also beyond the digital music that they own.” Hard drive size isn’t the only thing that matters to music lovers. When asked which features matter most, 55 percent listed a rechargeabl

I remember the 20 Mbytes hard drives many years ago. If anybody asked I would never think of storing multi-gigabyte files.

What about an informal survey? How many song files do you have? Comments are open.

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