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Nokia goes legit

Peter Rojas
nokia 6820

The BlackBerry patent case isn't on Court TV, so we're not exactly following along, but we're gonna take it as a bad sign for Research In Motion (the company behind the BlackBerry) that Nokia has just decided to license the patents in question from NTP. A few years back NTP filed a patent infringement lawsuit against RIM which last year resulted in a company-slaying injunction preventing them from selling any of their BlackBerry mobile communicators in the United States. Which is pretty rough, but fortunately for RIM the injunction was stayed pending appeal. Anyway, Nokia had a licensing agreement with RIM to put BlackBerry's email technology in their phones, but held back from selling any phones with it here lest they find themselves on the receiving end of one of NTP's lawsuits. The upshot of their agreement with NTP is that they should have a street legal 6820 (pictured at right) with BlackBerry messaging service on it out soon.

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