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Phone Shopping Friday - Samsung i600 Smartphone

Eric Lin
samsung i600

This Father's Day, Verizon wants you to "teach ur dad 2 txt." If you're going to try and make your pop all hip, you might as well get him a phone he actually has a chance of texting you with- like the Samsung i600 Microsoft Smartphone.

When it was first launched, the i600 had a crappy battery life and was buggy, so it got a bad rap. But since then, a software update has taken care of most users' complaints and the Smartphone is actually fun to use. Unlike just about every other phone Verizon sells, Microsoft's OS makes it pretty easy, in fact nearly fool-proof, to send a text message. Really. In addition, the rest of the applications on it aren't half bad and there's of ton of software you can add to it as well.

The i600 is a bit pricey, so is Verizon's unlimited data plan ($45/month for smartphones) but it's a pretty buff phone and Verizon has a fast CDMA 1x-RTT with good nationwide coverage.

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