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Review: Sci-Fi Museum- Seattle, WA


yodaThe Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle, WA at the base of the Space Needle in the Experience Music Project is a home away from home for your hardcore Science Fiction fan. Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) footed the bill for most of it, and a lot of the exhibits are from his own personal collection. The four sections include: "Homeworld," "Fantastic Voyages," "Brave New Worlds" and "Them!" We think the first part of the museum was a bit ghetto, but the rest of it was pretty good. If you're ever in the area it's a great 1 hour excursion in to the geek. Lots of gadgets, lots of items from our fav sci-fi films: ET, Cyborg Legs, War of the Worlds, Galileo from the Enterprise, Predator, Yoda, Sandworms, Dune still suit, Planet of the Apes, Robots, Alien face sucker, And our favorite- a Logan's Run shirt. Our jewel isn't red yet baby. CAROUSEL!!


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