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Harley-Davidson's Road Tech HA90 MP3 player for bikers

Peter Rojas
Road Tech HA90

We'd like to preserve our fantasy that bikers are far too rough and tough to even own something as dainty as a PC, but we're guessing there has got to be at least one super geeky member of the Hell's Angels who'd use the Road Tech HA90, a chrome-plated, handlebar-mounted MP3 player from Harley-Davidson. It's got big buttons that you can press even while wearing gloves and a large LCD display, but uses SD memory cards for storage (it comes with a 64MB one), so at most you can fit a gig in there. But remember, it's illegal to ride your chopper and listen to music in some states, don't get caught using it unless you're ready to take a chain to a cop's kneecap or something.

[Thanks, Peaboy]

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