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iRiver calls on Jenna Jameson

Dan Wu
iRiver PMP Ad

Hey, if the adult film world spurred sales of VCRs and convinced many a young man to upgrade to broadband, why can't it help sell personal video players? Exactly, which is why porn star Jenna Jameson is pimping iRiver's new PMP-100 personal video player (the ad text says "Your refined movie collection just paid off"). We did a double-take when we first saw the ad, but ClubJenna (her official personal site, we swear we just go there for the articles) confirmed she did do an ad shoot with iRiver back in May. Since they can't exactly annoy Hollywood and promote piracy in their ads, maybe, just maybe, porn is the next best thing (we know that Jim Louderback thinks this is the strategy). 

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