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The PStwo lives! Sony announces slimmed-down PlayStation 2

Peter Rojas
Slimmer PS2

Looks like we picked the perfect night to not get any sleep: hot on the heels of Nintendo dishing out some concrete details about when their DS portable game console will go on sale, Sony just officially announced a new smaller version of the PlayStation 2. Despite the rumors (or our best wishes) it's not actually being called the "PStwo" (at least not as far as we can tell), but it is about 75% smaller in volume than the original PS2, is just 2.8 cm thick (the original is 7.8 cm thick), and comes with a built-in Ethernet port for networked gaming. Hits stores on November 1st in Europe and North America, with Japan following (once again, what is this craziness?) two days later. (We promise better pics later.)

UPDATE: Way better pics are here.

[Thanks, Brumm]

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