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Don't forget your Juice Box, honey!

Ryan Block, @ryan
Mattel Juicebox

Normally when you have kid versions of grown-up electronics they are pretty awful; they only vaguely imitate their adult counterparts and are totally unsatisfying, you can just totally tell when the kid opens it on Christmas morning. Sure, there's no way we're giving a five year old a new cameraphone, but still. So you can imagine how stoked we are for the 8-12 year age bracket since they're getting a Mattel-produced $70 personal video player, the Juice Box (clever!). It's got a 3-inch color screen, and plays a proprietary video format, but also has an SD slot for playing MP3s. Apparently movies will be like $25, which is pretty outrageous to get them on some proprietary format, but we'll give it a week or so before it's totally hacked and every nerd around has got one for novelty.

[Via Popgadget]

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