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Hotel WiFi grows up


wifi1Check in. Go to your hotel room. Get online. Or, more likely, try to get online. Call the front desk. "No WiFi access, sir. We can get you a phone cable so you can plug into your data port." Great. While it's still rare to find a hotel that offers high-speed access, it's even more rare to find one that offers WiFi access. Enter Starwood Hotels. The mavens that they are, Starwood have started offering not only WiFi access in rooms, but also local hotel-based blogs for guests. Now you can get online on your cushy hotel bed and find out who serves the best oysters within a mile radius. Or pizza shooters, if you're somewhere less civilized (not that there's anything wrong with pizza shooters). The point is that the blog is created by hotel guests like yourself from the past and present, and nothing beats the experience of real people. Future services are planned like streaming music and other online entertainment.

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