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New TiVo unit competition heats up


Humax TiVo T2500
After a recent lull in the latest releases of Tivo/DVD-R combo units, the VCR-replacement market is gearing up for a bigger, better, cheaper year. A few units have come out that fit the Tivo/DVD burner mold, but they tended to be prohibitively expensive or used interfaces that were so crappy they weren't worth the time spent plugging them in.  A few new units are due out this year, both from TiVo as well as Humax.  Expect these new systems to have giant hard drives, fully-functional TiVo interfaces, and import/export technology like Firewire for camcorders and maybe even archiving.  In the meantime, TiVo is all set to offer TiVo To Go, a networking solution that allows TiVo users to backup programming to a networked computer

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