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Paper Mario 2 unfolds on the GameCube


Mario returns to his 2D comfort zone in Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door. It's been more than three years since we last visited the paper realm, and while PM2 certainly doesn't break the mold, it offers the level of fine-tuning and polish that we've come to expect from Nintendo's sacred franchises. As with many of Nintendo's titles, PM2 is unique in that it appeals to both kids and adults, offering a good 30 hours of classic (and nostalgic) Mario RPG goodness. The battle system is exceptional, and the new "audience" feature is a nice touch and guaranteed to provide more than a few laughs. Still, the developers could have done more to bring out the paper-theme in the visuals. And c'mon, where is the voice acting?! If you can manage through the slow start (a ton of text reading), you'll find Paper Mario 2 to be a refreshing addition to this fall's gritty lineup.

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