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Mitsubishi drops four-megapixel cameraphone modules

Gareth Edwards

cameraphoneThe rate at which phone camera resolutions continue to increase isn't much cause for surprise any more, but another datapoint in the pixel arms-race is Mitsubishi's announcement that it'll start shipping samples of a four-megapixel autofocus module next month. That means we could start seeing four-megapixel autofocus cameraphones sometime around next May to June, though as ITmedia notes (in Japanese, so you'll have to trust us) the image quality problem is shifting to lens and optical zoom technology, or the poorness of it, rather than pixel count per se. In any case, Mitsubishi's module means that shooting nice 2,304x1,728-pixel photos and VGA video at 30 frames per second with your phone will soon be possible, which can't bad at all.

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