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Graphic-DMM turns PDAs into multimeters


pda multimeterThe Graphic-DMM is a little turbonerd device that fits into CF or PCMCIA slots, and acts as a dual-channel Graphic Digital Multimeter. So basically it lets you turn your turbonerd tool into an übergeek tool right quick. It also comes with "Smart Analysis" software to guide user through fault investigation, diagnostics, and other insanely technical things that only our resident How-To wizard Phil Torrone would understand.  The unit includes two independent Digital Multimeters connected to a Compact Flash interface, which are entirely isolated from the CF circuitry in order to keep your PDA from turning into half of a s'mores sandwich. It works with PDAs, laptops, and palmtops;use it wisely for car electric work, or to impress women with your waveforms. Right.

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