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Camophone: Caller ID spoofing 2.0, now for the public

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're definitely not so sure how we feel about subverting the caller ID system, but whereas before it was a cool hack for jerks like creditors and PIs, now Camophone (get it?) is readying the service for primetime general use. They are set to offer their caller ID spoofing service to anyone with a PayPal account, which'll buy you pre-paid blocks of spoofed-call minutes at a five dollar, 100-minute minimum (that'd be five cents per minute). But this time around the company's owner is choosing to remain anonymous (remember what happened last time?), especially what with all the new security concerns we'll have to deal with. Like, for example, access to T-Mobile voicemail boxes that are set to read caller ID and grant access without a password. Hooray.

[Via TechDirt]

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